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Stressed about surgery? Ready Set Recover is an online program empowering you to prepare for and recover from surgery with less stress, so you can get better, faster.
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Surgery is scary, but we can help.
Going through surgery can make you anxious, worried and afraid, and that stress can mean a longer and more painful recovery. During this critical time, Ready Set Recover will help you be more relaxed, prepared and in control, which can make all the difference in the world.
Psychological stress can extend time for wounds
to heal by 40%
Doctors treat patients.
You're a person.
Doctors have an incredibly important job. They focus on the medical side of your well-being. But our healthcare system simply isn't designed to do the kind of hand-holding you need when going through surgery. As a result, you could have no idea what to expect, how to get ready or how to recover and that's tremendously stressful.
Fear or distress prior to surgery has been
associated with:
  • Longer hospital stays
  • More postoperative complications
  • Higher rates of re-hospitalization
U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
You could go it alone...
but why would you?
Losing weight, getting in shape, giving birth. There are lots of things you can do on your own, but if you've ever taken a fitness class, joined a weight loss program, or attended a childbirth course, you recognize the benefits of structured help. So why would you go through something as important as surgery without the tools for success?
Now's not the time to be passive.
Your body is your most precious asset and there are things you can do before and after surgery that can absolutely improve your recovery process during this most critical time.
Ready Set Recover is your roadmap to help you prepare for and recover from surgery so you can get better, faster.
Logging in from any device, each day you'll be empowered by inspiration, education, and action steps. Cumulatively, the effects can be less stress and anxiety and more energy and optimism - ultimately leading to a better recovery.
Easy to accomplish.
Ready Set Recover is there with you like a coach in your corner. Each day leading up to and after your surgery, you'll be given a specific topic to focus on with small actions that can create huge benefits.
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Topics covered include:
Reversing/ Stopping Fight or Flight
Goal Setting
Positive Writing
Purposeful Actions
Preparation and Organization
Breath Work
Harnessing Optimism
Positive Framing/ Speaking
Expectation Setting
Creating Community
Following Doctors’ Orders
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Backed by science.
Ready Set Recover was designed by health and wellness experts and vetted by physicians to improve outcomes and is based on peer-reviewed scientific research.
Works in concert, and never in conflict, with your medical team.
Ready Set Recover complements your doctor's advice and services by focusing on the non-clinical side of surgery. Every aspect of the program is designed to be in alignment with the medical needs of surgery and recovery.

Your surgeon focuses on the medical side — our program takes care of you as a person, preparing your mind and body.



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Our Promise
Our team is deeply committed to helping others and we stand behind what we've developed. If after completing the Daily Actions within this program, you don't feel it better prepared you for surgery or improve your recovery process, we'll refund your money.
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