Program Features

Feel better, faster with Ready Set Recover. Our program combines inspirational, informative and empowering elements in an easy-to-navigate design to accelerate your journey toward better health.
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Take Action
Daily Actions: Simple, yet powerful steps delivered in a structured framework
This is the heart of the program. Each day's topic and actions are unique, yet the overall format is consistent:
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Affirmative videos introduce the day's topic
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Evidence-based scientific research validate the importance of the action
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Inspirational stories illustrate how others have benefited
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Interactive activities promote thought and engagement
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Celebration and validation provide a sense of accomplishment
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Track Your Journey
My Progress: Your personal journal
Explore your private notebook, where you'll capture the original content you create throughout the program.
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See Results
Healthy Habits: Daily routines that set you up to succeed
This is the central dashboard with at-a-glance charts and graphs showing your progress over time in areas such as:
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Emotional and physical well-being
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Stay Calm
Meditation: Proven stress reduction
Guided meditations that are beneficial to the surgery experience will be introduced throughout the program via Daily Actions and show up here for your continued use.
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Get Support
Surgery Supporters: Social connection at a time when it's most needed
Building a network of support is critical. A kind word and a helping hand will make a huge difference in your recovery. But it isn’t always easy to ask or plan for that help. Your Surgery Supporters area facilitates these interactions.
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